Team XENOTRIBE brings you their first Indie-Edm track TRISHUL. This tracks marks the beginning of the revolution we promised you. TRISHUL is devoted to Lord Shiva who is the supreme Power in this whole universe, according to Hindu mythology. The creator and Destroyer.This Indie-Edm will surely give you goosebumps from the beginning till the very end. Click on the Link down below – Let the music flow through veins to your heart because in the end it’s not about views, subscribers, comments or popularity for us, it’s just about reaching the hearts of every human who listens to our song. You are important. Yes you who is reading this.

Avengers: Infinity War Piano Cover (Theme song) || Trailer music

After recieving so much love from you humans on our previous tracks, Fortuna and The Urumi. We the team of Xenotribe wanna Thank you from the bottom of our heart. But since we are not in the writing business, even if our editor is an awesome writer, we make music and we thought it best to Thank you all by dedicating this track to you guys. Click on the link to listen to it directly but if you wanna know what its about do read the para down below, will only consume 1 minute.😉

द उरूमी (The Urumi) || Xenotribe || OFFICIAL TRAP || An ode to Swords

*USE HEADPHONES FOR BETTER EXPIRIENCE* Xentribe is back people, with another Original Trap Music for you to enjoy. Our last Song FORTUNA. Received so much love and reviews from you awesome people that it became mandatory for us to improve our next track to blow your Brain out. “द उरूमि (The Urumi)” our lastest track is out on our channel guys. This track is our way of devotion to the mightiest weapon ever made ‘Sword’, that was once wielded by the mightiest Humans of all time. This is our way of paying our respects to them.

FORTUNA || Official Trap || Xenotribe

My very first EDM track, FORTUNA. Derived from ruins of ancient Greek mythology, this songs holds a special place in my heart. Hope you guys like this track. It’s a song that I specifically want to dedicate to all of you guys who have given few minutes of their time to listen my track. I am very Excited to hear your suggestions in the comment section. and yes, do use your Earplugs/Headphones